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How Bulk Voice Call work?

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You will get username to login to our web based dashboard. There will be all options to send campaigns.

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Record your voice message in .mp3 format. Upload bulk numbers and voice file in our web portal.

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Our system automatically send calls from system id. People answer call and hear your recorded message.

Frequently Asked Questions of Bulk Voice Calls

Send automated bulk voice calls with pre-recorded message. IVR, bulk voice sms, promotional campaigns, political campaigns, marketing, information, surveys & more. 

We provide most advanced and updated features with our service. 

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Follow as per this image to send voice call campaigns in voice call web portal. 

  1. Login to voice call web portal. 
  2. Go to “Compose” page to send campaign.


We have other useful options to make your campaigns more effective.  These are optional.

  1. Automatically retry failed calls. 
  2. *Reschedule failed calls as new campaign. 
  3. Get user feedback / inputs for surveys. 
  4. Give wait time for users to input. 
  5. Scheduler to send later. 


Outbound Dialer (OBD) is an automated call system that sends pre-recorded voice message. This application allows you to establish a wide range of communication with many customers and target audiences. #OutboundDialer #BulkVoiceCall #VoiceBroadcast 

No, account setup is completely Free. You just need to pay for required Credits.

Voice call balance credits come with Lifetime validity. Use as long as you finish credit balance.

Get the most out of your campaigns with our advanced features. 

Bulk Voice Call Service can be user for promotional and informative purposes. It is the most effective method to send your message to bulk numbers. 

  •  Political Campaigns 
  •  Business Promotions 
  •  Surveys & Feedback 
  •  Informative Messages 
  •  Events invitations 
  •  Lead Generation & more.. 

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